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Thread: DCA in DL???

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    DCA in DL???

    Ok, I have a(what I feel to be a great) Armchair Imagineering question.

    If you had to tear down DCA, and you only got to keep the good rides (these are my opinion of the good ones, your opinion may vary)...

    Tower of Terror
    Monsters Inc.
    Grizzly Peak

    Where would you put these into Disneyland and why?

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    Re: DCA in DL???

    TOT - Retheme to New Orleans Square and put it there.

    Monsters - Toontown

    Grizzly - Big Thunder BBQ (Festival of Fools arena)

    Screamin' - As much as I hate to say this, there is nowhere in Disneyland this could possibly go.

    Soarin' - Take out Innoventions and put it there. Not really "Tomorrow" but neither is Buzz.

    Muppets - I guess HISTA building.

    Bugs Life - Critter Country or create an off-shoot of ToonTown and put all the Bugs land stuff there

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    Re: DCA in DL???'s where I'd put the following:

    Tower of Terror - I'm with the previous poster. It would fit perfectly in New Orleans Square.

    Monsters Inc. - Mickey's Toontown...probably towards the back of this "land."

    Grizzly Peak - Critter Country...Innertwin this ride with Rivers of America and Splash Mountain. Add in some Brother Bear AA's and voila!

    Screamin' - Hmmmmm...I'd probably expand Fantasyland/the park and put this where the back Disney buildings are. Perhaps change the ride to a Herbie The Lovebug theme.

    Soarin' - One of two options. Either put it in Main Street and change the video to a journey of America in general. The other option is to place this ride inside the Innovations building and change the movie to a space adventure. Perhaps a Lilo & Stitch show?

    MuppetVision - If Great Moments With Abe Lincoln were to never come back I'd place this in the opera house. I can't really think of anywhere else this would really "fit."


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    Re: DCA in DL???

    Tower of Terror- Somehow re-theme and curve it up and put it in Toontown.

    Monters Inc.-Toontown.

    Grizzly Peak- Critter Country

    Screamin'- Re-theme it and put it in Fantasyland

    Soarin'- Put it in MS or FL or TL.

    Still wishing for that AP....

    Future Imagineer, right here!

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