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    Thumbs up Photoblogging Disneyland

    I found this at Boing Boing. Some really nice photos of the big D.
    I've copied the post below. Also the correct link is below:

    Happy viewing.

    "Disneyland Memorial Day photo-gallery
    Thomas sez, "I threw the kids in the Buick and headed down to Anaheim this Memorial Day Weekend to spend two days creating Photoblogging Disneyland, 99 Interpretations of the Happiest Place on Earth. On a positive note, Disneyland never hasseled me even once -- tripods, mulitple cameras, computers, hard drives and all. Refreshing, as I'm used to being hasseled with my gear most places I go." Link Mirror Link (Thanks, Thomas!)

    Update: Poor Thomas's bandwidth allocation at his ISP has been blown. Here's a Flickr mirror of his photos. "
    This line left blank in good taste.

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    This shot made me laugh.

    awesome photos.

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