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    Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

    I'm trying to decide which of these days during Presidents' Day Weekend (Feb 16-18) would be best:
    Friday -- but can't get there until early afternoon
    I'm afraid Sat and Sun will be super crowded, so was thinking of Friday, but not sure if there would be much of a difference (Park hours are the same, 8am-Midnight, all three days).
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

    Sunday so you can come to a meet!

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    Re: Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

    Friday- Hour + waits.
    Saturday- Hour + waits.
    Sunday- Hour + waits.

    It's extremely busy during that time. Deciding when to go won't really matter because any day will be just as busy as the other. Since the Railroad, Splash Mountain and Tom Sawyer Island are closed, reducing the number of operating rides, it could be very packed.

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