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    Disneyland Restraunt Menus!!

    Hi everyone, I am new to micechat and I want to give a big howdy!!!

    I am going to Disneyland in two weeks, and me and my boyfriend are eating at the Vineyard Room...I know they have a seasonal menu, but does anyone know a website that features menus of the Disneyland restraunts? I found a great one for Walt Disney World, but not Disneyland....

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    I'm not sure how up to date it is, but check out the info on Al's old digs:

    disneyland restaurant guides

    I'm new too, by the way, so welcome to us both!

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    Welcome to you both!

    I myself have had trouble finding menus on DL that are updated regularly...(hopefully MiceAge will soon have an article on DL food...)

    The best place I've found so far is at On the homepage, you'll see a link on the far left that says "Restaurant Menu Prices". Its updated fairly regularly, and the info is pretty easy to access.

    Good luck with your plans!

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