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    Hidden Mickeys Spoiler

    Some may have noticed it, but in the queue for AstroBlasters there is a hidden mickey on a planet (he is the land). However, this same mickey is featured on the online astroblaster game in the opening scene just as you pass to the left/under side of the astroblaster space station, on the planet behind there is the same hidden mickey on the top part of the planet. (there is a cloud very close to the face). Also, when you are shooting out the engines of Zerg's ship, notice the purple Z on his planet (it is outlined by land). I also recently spoted a hidden mickey in the park (no not one of the 50th ones)... a REAL hidden mickey. Look in Indiana Jones. In the neverending queue there is a large one that would bite you in the face if you realized it was there. As anyone else noticed any other REAL hidden mickeys in the park?

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    There's a quite big one in the boiler room in TOT. It's made out of lights above the queue. It's in the far left (lower level) corner of the room, right by the far left lower shaft. It looks best from far away, if you are directly under it it doesn't look right.

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