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    I could tell that they have something "BIG" planned for TL, just by the orientation I went to on Saturday. They are hiring a whole lot of people for that area, in fact everyone that hired into attractions this past month is going to TomorrowLand like me. Or maybe it's just because of SM's re-opening, but still excited for what's to come and hopefully I won't be on Astro-Orbiter and HISTA for TOO long. But yeah, excited for all of the changes that are to come.

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    Sm re-opening will be huge and they will need a lot of CMs for the ride and crowd control. Also, the overflow from SM will effect Innoventions and HISTA; as well as spillover to the other TL rides.

    Imagine that, HISTA might actually have lines.


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    SM will be huge. There is no E ticket holding folks in TL right now. Buzz gets folks headed that way, but after BLAB and Star Tours, TL is simply a route to get over to Matterhorn and the entire west side of the park for us.

    I was happy to know that the sub lagoon was being worked on, but HISTA and Innoventions really need to go. That's valuable space that WED (WDI) could potentially use to create other wonderful attractions for us. I'm sure that the contracts for HP and others in Innoventions are holding Matt Ouimet back from bulldozing that building, but HISTA could be transformed into something else right now without much impact on the guests. Hopefully, Matt will get the money he needs to greenlight those types of projects.

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