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    A couple more questions

    On the photopass can we take digital photos and have them put on the photo pass somewhere in the park. We are going to be there for a week and I thought that would be great if we fill up our card and want to download it so we can take more.
    Also I did a search but could not find a thread that says were the closes gocery store is. We have a car so driving is no problem in driving.
    One more, do you have a favorite place to eat outside the park. I know there is a Mimi's across the street but do any locals have a place they just love to go. Nothing fancy just good food. Thanks!!!
    Leaving on Sunday can't wait. My almost 3 year old granddaughter keeps calling and Grandpa talks like Donald Duck. She has no idea she is calling here and keeps telling Donald I am coming to see you soon. Got to love this age.
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    Re: A couple more questions

    The PhotoPass is just for the pictures that the professional photographers in the park take. Do you have a laptop you can keep in the hotel and download to at night? Or, just buy a couple extra cards -- prices are dropping by the day, it seems!

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