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    Re: August at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh&Robert View Post
    Im sure with the new Nemo attraction it's gonna be hella busy? Me and my BF are going August 20th-21st (My 21st B-day!) So I want to go more than anything for my 21st on the 21st how cool is that?! But i sure t'll be all hot and busy..? Just want to know what to expect.
    It seems like DL is always crowded lately. I'm sure that there are still "slow" days, but IMHO they are on the endangerd species list.

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    Re: August at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by SCUBAbe View Post
    very hot, humid and busy....drink lots of fluids and try to hit most of the rides at park opening.
    It doesn't really got humid in So Cal but it will definatley be hot!

    Congrats on your 21st Birthday. We will have to plan a meet at the Cove Bar the day of your birthday!

    If you are planning on going on Nemo, try to plan a stay at the DLH so you can get early entry so you can at least get a close as you can to Nemo before the park opens (there is no way they will have Nemo as an early entry ride so you can at least get close to it and maybe be the first one of it) Remember: No Fastpasses for Nemo!

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