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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Chaney
    From what I've been able to ferret out, CoP was moved to Florida when its sponsor GE wanted to update the ride. Disney wanted to celebrate the nation's bicentennial, so used the opportunity to replace CoP in Disneyland with America Sings. CoP was shipped to WDW and updated there. The attraction proved quite popular and lasted long past the bicentennial celebration. I haven't, however, found a definative answer to why America Sings was ultimately dumped. My best guess is that in anticipation of the TL1998 update, the powers-that-be at the time were looking for something more in keeping with the Tomorrowland theme. Thus Innoventions was born and America Sings was dismantled. Eventually, the AAs were transferred to Splash Mtn (except for two geese which were stripped of their feathers and live in Star Tours as robots.) The Carousel Theatre sat empty for a number of years before Innoventions and the upper floor was used for office space... a brilliant and creative use of valuable Disneyland park real estate.
    Good post. Lots of good info. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger68
    as a So Cal native and growing up with Disneyland.... America Sings was a favorite of mine as kind of a grusome sidenote...does anyone here remember hearing about the strory of the CM who supposedly died working on the attraction....getting crushed between the walls as it was turning from one section to another?? Has that been proven true??...or just a Disneyland urban legend??
    Unfortuantely true...
    Always remember the Disney Magic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemini Cricket
    They should take out Innoventions and come up with a creative show about the future in its place. They seem to be slowly getting rid of a lot of the animatronic characters in the park. It's sad.
    This was my favorite attraction as a kid... unfortunately I don't recall it as well as I would like.My last time seeing it was in 1983.I really wish they would have more rides/attractions with audio animatronics.

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    America Sings closed because of a combination of factors including poor attendance(which doesnt make sense since it was always packed when my family went), the fact that it didnt really fit in Tommorowland, bicentinel was over, and Splash Mountain needed the AA's.

    It was originally to be replaced with "Plectu's Fantastic Intergalactic Review" which would have been a cool new America Sings style attraction with aliens and new special effects. It was part of a massive plan to revamp Tommorowland. As for what happened to it? Eisner said no. The story is that simple and its one of the reasons I hate Eisner. He thinks guests have ADD and want short six flags-esque thrills when they visit Disneyland rather then having a variety of different attractions to enjoy.

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    Oops, nevermind. I miss America Sings

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    I have the America Sings video from Extinct Attractions Club and it's wonderful.

    I always thought it would be cool if they could update America Sings for the new millennium as "America Rocks!"
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    Or better yet, put back America Sings, place the orbitor back on the elevated platform and rename it Rocket Jets, then an night, transform ALL of Tomorrowland into ROCK-land! (America Rocks, RockIt Jets, RockIt Mt.)

    -just kidding!

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