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    Re: DCA / Disneyland Night Shots Pt.2

    Quote Originally Posted by mariezp View Post
    Amazing night shots! I have a fairly new camera so I am still very unfamiliar with the settings! Could you give any of your best tips for taking great shots at night? please, please, please?

    My best advice is to get a little tripod and read the manual.

    If you have a digital camera, don't be afraid to take mulitple shots of the same scene using different settings. Experimentation is the key. After a while, you will understand
    how the different settings affect the images.

    Pay attention to these two things:

    1. ISO (100, 200, 400 etc) determines how sensitive your 'film' will be.
    2. Day/Night settings. Generally determines how much light is let in and how long
    the shutter is open.

    Good luck!
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    Re: DCA / Disneyland Night Shots Pt.2

    Thanks, Milo! I just hate having to read the manual. I bet those 2 hints will sum up more than I could retain if I did read the entire manual!
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    Re: DCA / Disneyland Night Shots Pt.2

    what an amazing trip very good DL/DCA are so beautiful at night

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    Re: DCA / Disneyland Night Shots Pt.2

    Great pictures, I love the one of the Animation building.
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