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    Lightbulb Drastic Tomorrowland Shuffle idea

    Had this idea, what do you guys think?

    Gut Innoventions. Place the Astro Orbiter in there with some sweet space FX to plus the experience.

    Dismantle the Tomorrowland Metel Sculpture O' Noise. Re theme and move the Golden Zephyr to where the location the jets once called home. I was riding the GZ last week and realized the crazy angle you get above water. Imagine that over walkways and a restaurant/ show venue. It would also get some movement back into the land of tomorrow.

    Just bored at work and thought I'd toss this out there, thoughts?
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    Re: Drastic Tomorrowland Shuffle idea

    Eh, I like the Astro Orbiter idea, but it desirves to be outside. And I love the Golden Zep the way it is, it's the most beloved ride on Pardise Pier that me and my son both enjoy while my motion sick wife gets to watch us on! lol.

    But the idea of having a ride inside of Innoventions is a great idea. I remember a post pointing out a 'tumbling ride' that would probably suit Tomorrowland where the guests are 'scrambled' through the air while a virtural simulator similar to Soarin' and Star Tours screens are (ala Circle Vision).

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