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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Chaney
    BTW: There is a clown figure in a hot air balloon in the "Finale" scene that is the only frowning figure in the entire attraction. He's holding a sign that says, HELP!
    Believe it or not, but that figure was swapped out in the recent rehab of IASW at WDW.

    He was switched out and is not a Happy clown... (No more inside joke.. and they replaced the goodby sign that was something krap with a different saying from the same region meaning goodbye......)

    Just a bit of info and more can be seen at d-troops.....

    ok.. I'm done plugging d-troops,,,)

    I dont know. I never counted.. or wanted to know.. only been on the ride 15 times toltal.. and 2 of them were within 1.5 years...(pre- rehab.. post-rehab..)

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    Argentina is also represented in the gauchos in front of the mountains.

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    Don't forget Hippopatamia.
    Walt's Magic Kingdom

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    Also forgot 'Arabia' with the flying carpets.
    Russia with the dancing/spinning dolls.
    Scotland has the bagpiper in the castle.
    Canada has the 'mountee' by the entrance to the 'England/Europe' room.
    Brazil has the carnival dolls
    Sweden / skaters next to midnight clock (land of the midnight sun)
    Ireland / leprechaun (sp?)

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    Denmark too

    and Denmark with the marching band from Tivoli Gardens
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    Current List:

    1. Alaska
    2. France
    3. England
    4. Holland
    5. Switzerland
    6. Canada
    7. Spain
    8. Ireland
    9. Scotland
    10. Italy
    11. India
    12. Thailand
    13. China
    14. Japan
    15. Egypt
    16. Peru
    17. Mexico
    18. Philippines
    19. Pacific Islands
    20. United States
    21. Argentina
    22. Arabia
    23. Russia
    24. Brazil
    25. Sweden
    26. Denmark

    That's 26 countries/regions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wotan
    Just out of curiousity, besides me, is there anyone else in this forum who saw the original at the NY World's Fair?

    Or am I hopelessly old and outdated?
    I wasn't born yet, but I just found out a couple if days ago that my mom was there! She went twice and remembers Small World, Lincoln and the Carousel of Progress! I can't belive that she had never told that before!

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    This is great stuff! Now it takes on more meaning when I ride Small World.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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