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  • 2000's

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    Re: What was the best decade for Disneyland?

    You have decades listed as 50, 50, 70,80, 90 and 2000
    BUT since DL didn't open until 1955, is this what you meant?

    50's = 7/17/1955 to 7/16/1965
    60's = 7/17/1965 to 7/16/1975
    70's = 7/17/1975 to 7/16/1985
    80's = 7/17/1985 to 7/16/1994
    90's = 7/17/1995 to 7/16/2004
    2000 = 7/17/2005 to today

    or is it

    50's = 7/17/1955 to 12/31/1959
    60's = 1/1/1960 to 12/31/1969
    70's = 1/1/1970 to 12/31/1979
    80's = 1/1/1980 to 12/31/1989
    90's = 1/1/1990 to 12/31/1999
    2000 = 1/1/2000 to today

    Those 5 years make a difference in how I would vote
    the 1955-1965, 65-75, 75-85, etc would seem to be
    the best way to vote on the Disney decades, and is
    how they separated the decades when they had the
    special artwork done for DL's 50th.

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    Re: What was the best decade for Disneyland?

    ^ Whatever way you want to do it. I was thinking the latter but when I was doing the poll I noticed that little glitch.

    And no I did not create this thread to see how old you are as someone was saying. Simply, just to see what your opinion was.
    Still wishing for that AP....

    Future Imagineer, right here!

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    Re: What was the best decade for Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by steamboatpete View Post
    The best decade, of course, is the one when you went the most.
    This isn't the case for me, either.

    My Choice would be July 17th 1955to July 16th 1965. The 1st full
    decade is the one that Walt persanally supervised, designed, and set
    forth the premise on how DL wa sgoing to be different from anything
    offered before of after.

    Walt's layout of the park was nothing shor of genius. Sure, modifications
    were done, to link the lands to accomodate traffic flow, it was Walt's
    design that has the selcome area with the Mickey Floral and the Train
    Station, and then you go through either tunnel to take you to a completely
    different time an dplace. This entry area has basically remained the same
    after all these years, and is there the Magic Begins. No other Disney Parks
    have the same type of Magic as the rone going through the tunnels under
    the railroad track (although copied to 4 other Magic Kingdoms).

    Then walking down this small town USA Main Street encompasses you.

    The the 1st of several weenies draws you further into the park. The Castle draws you closer, and then you have a choice of 4 distinct areas,
    each themed differetly, all taking you to different parts of Walt's world.
    This too, remains esentially the same as opening day.

    Walt's plans to grow the park, adding the Matterhorn with Walt pushing
    future technology forward with the 1st tubular rollercoaster themed as
    a bobsled ride through the famous Swiss Mt. Subs under sear adventure had historical dimensions, the Monorail. Then working of several attractions for the World's Fair that would all come Home to DL. The Tiki Room also opening in this 1st decade to astound gusts in Walt's Magic

    And with Walt at the helm, ALL this was certainly not enough. He had
    already set in place all the details for the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions, And much of the Haunted Mansion was well under way for the next opening attractions. At no time was DL at a Standstill. Walt always had several new things being worked on for DL.

    In the late 60's and early 70's DL basically coasted on what Walt had
    already set in motion. But things certainly began slowing down, as
    Roy (Walt's brother) focussed on building and opening WDW. Davis's Country Bears and America Sings brought new life to DL.

    Transitions from Walt's original people to a a new group were then taking
    place, and certainly sclowed down in the late 70's and early 80's,
    about the same time a possible hostile takeover of Disney was a possibility.

    In the mid 80's, Roy (Walt's nephew) drew in some new life with Wells and
    Eisner, and soon Disney Animation had it's 2nd Golden Age, a couple of
    new Disney MK's were opened , agreements with Lucas and Speilberg brought Star Tours anIndiana Jones into the Disneyland Family. Fantasmic!
    was introduced and Toontown expanded DL's border.

    Just as these wonderful things started happenin, Wells passed away
    in the early 90's And Eisner's ideas were visibly tapped out, he turned Scrooge and Grinch (and NOT the good part where the Grinches heart grew 3 times ~ Eisner's heart shrunk 3 times) DL became managed on the cheap, as were safety issues and maintenance issues. Partnerships with Luas and Spielberg, and even Animation head Katzenberg became enemies of Eisner's Disney. Thus began the worst decade of DL's history:
    July 17th 1995 to July 16th, 2005. During this time, the now INFAMOUS
    TL'98 actually decreased the value of DL, and then was immediately followed by the closing of the Subs, and soon TL'98 attractions started
    imploding. The Bottom of the Black Hole was reached the morning that
    Space Mt was closed, to the surprise of cast members working Space Mt
    that morning, due to structural Problem. TL had NEVER sunk to such a low, and ALL emmediately after the NEW TL was introduced.

    Of course, not to neglect the otherside of DL, these imbescils closed Country Bears only to replace them with a very expensive, but very cheap looking Pooh ride thru, in order to add insult and injury to Critter Country, too. Of course, that was not enough to make this the worst decade by the worst management in DL history.

    This was all capped off by building and designing a poorly and cheaply designed lackluster of a a park ever attempted. Let it be known that this was DCA's founding motto Quality was of little regard by Pressler and Eisner. Layout design of Disney's newest park was done poorly and with little regard for how well DL was designed. And Now with new management
    at Disney and DLR have declared DCA as a problem. Even Imagineering seems incapable of "fixing" the major problems of DCA. It will certainly takes decades to dig out from the DCA Disaster. Management KNEW how
    to build a better park, as the proved could be done at the exact same time
    at TDS was being built. Management just refused to make this the quality park that Disney had founded itself on. Even though the team of Wells and
    Eisner brought new life to Disneyland in it's first years, the Emperorship of Dictator Eisner brought down all the good it produced during it's 1st decade. It was the Disasterous Eisner Decade.

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