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    Todd Shipyards: from San Pedro to Anaheim

    With the most recent mention of Todd Shipyards in the Winter 2007 edition of 'Backstage Pass" and in a past thread here regarding the Mark Twain

    I thought I'd pass on this other information I'd run across on this company.
    Their contribution to the DLR would seem to be incalculable, a thank you!

    Todd Los Angeles Division
    San Pedro CA

    Late in the fall of 1945 a new division joined the Todd Corporation, Los Angeles Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Corporation at San Pedro, California. The Navy put this yard under Todd control when it had been in a financial struggle two years prior. During this time the San Pedro yard was a part of the short-lived Todd Pacific Shipyards, Inc. before becoming its own entity. Coming to the Todd industry in the postwar period, the Los Angeles yard took on various building projects to substitute the decreased shipbuilding interests.

    In the early fifties the Los Angeles Division underwent a large project for the amusement park Disneyland. This project included the construction of the park's steam flagship Mark Twain, the 18x5.5-foot gates for the park's graving docks, the parts for the 17th -century pirate ship attraction, the steel clad square-rigger Columbus, and eight 100-ton diesel-electric passenger submarines.
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    Re: Todd Shipyards: from San Pedro to Anaheim

    Thanks for that... just currently learning about the involvement of the Todd Shipyards in the development of Disneyland, myself. Great info.

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    Re: Todd Shipyards: from San Pedro to Anaheim

    Sadly...there's nothing left of the old Todd Shipyards where much of the Disneyland fleet was built. Just a big empty area adjacent to the turning basin.

    I wonder if any of the Disney Cruise Line passengers knew that their ship was passing right through where much of Disneyland history was made...when the Disney Cruise Line was departing from there a short time ago.

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