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    Short Feb 27 Trip Report

    The wife and I got a chance to take the twins to DL, so we chose Tuesday the 27th thinking we would see a nice empty park (rain had been predicted for some time).

    From the time the park opened till it closed, not a single black raincloud dripped on us. In fact, although the day was supposed to top out at 59 degrees, it was bright and sunny and mid-60's till about 4pm - when it turned windy and bitterly cold.

    Even with all this, the park SEEMED crowded, but the lines weren't really long. In fact, the lines were very sporadic in length. Space Mountain had a posted wait of 20 minutes at one point, and 5 other times of the day. Over at DCA, Soarin topped out at 40 minutes for stanby.

    Here are the waits we experienced:
    POC: 5 minutes
    Haunted Mansion: 5 minutes
    Autopia: 10 minutes
    Big Thunder: 10 minutes
    Dumbo: 20 minutes (some things are inevitable)
    Pinocchio: walk-on
    King Arthur: walk-on
    Space Mountain: walk-on most of the day
    Buzz: walk-on
    Monster's Inc: walk-on
    Aladdin: Orchestra was full + about 20 in 2nd level
    Soarin: Thank God for Fastpass (they were still available at 4pm)

    Speaking of Fastpass, the return times were 15-20 minutes after the distribution time. So at 2pm, you could get a return time of about 2:20. In the case of Soarin', it was actually quicker for us to get a FP and wait for the window than to use standby....strange

    Didn't hang around for the parade, but got a yummy Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans (plenty of empty tables).

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    Re: Short Feb 27 Trip Report

    I used to know someone named Chris Fuchs.
    Glad that the park was fairly empty for you guys!
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...

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