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    Picture Requests!?!?!?!

    Going to the park this Sunday (for my birfday!!! like it really makes a difference) and Monday. Any picture requests????

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    Re: Picture Requests!?!?!?!

    Yes, please - I have really, really been wondering if Jingles the horse is back on the carousel. Jingles is the lead horse and she was the one who was painted gold for the 50th. She was removed late last summer/fall to repaint her to her new colors and as of the last time I was able to make it to Disneyland (in early December), she wasn't back up. I have heard mixed reports of her being back since then.

    So if you make it towards the carousel, it would be awesome if you could confirm she's there by posting a pic of her. She's located just behind the bench on the outside ring of the carousel. Here is an old picture of her that I found online:

    Thanks! Have a great trip!

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    Re: Picture Requests!?!?!?!

    Already an on going picture request thread

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