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Thread: Going solo?

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    Going solo?

    Hello all-- first post here, but long time reader. Next month I'll be spending most of one day on my own in Disneyland- first visit solo- no husband or family this time. I was wondering if anyone had any special things they particularly enjoy while alone in the park. People watching is already high on the list. Thanks!

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    I just enjoy going at my own pace.

    It's great to have the family along, but it's also nice to be able to run off in any given direction and not worry about having everyone agree on what to do next.
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    Going solo is nice because you can do what you want. I would suggest maybe going on a ride that you really like but havent been on in awhile.
    Hope you have a great day !!

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    Welcome to MiceChat Nutmeg!!!

    I have gone to Disneyland solo many times and I have a great time every trip. It's fun going at your own pace & doing your own thing ( rides, shopping etc..)

    Have a fun!!!

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    Wow, I am solo all the time and I do enjoy those times. As others say, whatever you want to do.

    Recently I went up to the pilot's deck on the Mark Twain. I had a great time just chatting with the CM.

    Meals are nice and leisurely. Go eat somewhere you have never eaten at; or not eaten at recently.

    I almost always try something different or a ride I haven't that I don't go on too often.

    Right now there is the 50 hidden '50 Mickey's' in the Park. That is always a fun quest to try and find them. And if you are not up for the hunt, go to City Hall and get their map and just go see them. Also the Mosaics are great to explore.

    Hope that helps with a few ideas.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutmeg
    Going Solo?
    No, but I did go Kenobi...

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    There are many good things that come from going alone. When i visit the park alone i tend to just wander around looking for things i have not seen before. Just adventuring through adventure land. It's a great time to relax. It gives you time to take in the all the magic and believe.

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    I usually go solo and I really love it. Usually I just wander. I may have some general idea of what I want to do (like maybe where I want to have a meal or a specific attraction I want to experience), but beyond that I never really have any plans.

    I'll probably be solo next month sometime (except for when I hopefully get to meet up with some of the MiceChat gang! ) and I'm planning on seeing all the stuff that's new for the 50th. There's really quite a list, but I'll be there for several days so hopefully I can get most of it in.

    Most of all, just remember that you are in charge. Don't rush, don't run. Just enjoy The Park the way Walt used to: walking around and taking it all in.
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    When I go it alone I tend to be more aware of the little things in the park. Also, I tend to seek out CM's and pump them for info.

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