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    wow and you got a picture of one in GOLD too! Did you go outside and make that real quick?! hahaha. yeah that would be awesome! you know that Disney people do read this so maybe they'll take it into consideration! Cuz how hard is it to cut some fabric and put a fan on the back of a float? hehe.

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    Yeah, I took a quick picture! Actually, after some google searching I came up with a site that sold those, then looked around for a gold one. I thought an image would really help people. I can really see those billowing out of the floats too, and looking good. And like you said, I can't imagine they'd be THAT hard to do!

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    I agree the parade is just about the right length and I think the stops are perfect. Having additional units would make it longer than it is, yes.

    Another idea is to have them behind the last float have another dozen or two and once the parade stops they all run into positions. Hmmm.

    I do love the idea of having them walk between the main floats. You could easily take out most of the Little Mermaid dancers. You could get at least a dozen Disney Characters out of that one!

    grvtydefy- fine idea. I like it!! It could be similar to what the do on top of the Matterhorn for Mickey's 50th flag planting.

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    Awww you can't take out any of the Little Mermaid dancers! They're awesome to look at! only additions! don't take away!!

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