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    Crowds on Easter Sunday?

    hi all

    i'm considering going to the park this Easter Sunday and was wondering how the crowds usually are during this holiday. i know new years (and increasingly christmas) pack em in, is easter the same way? do people go there assuming others wont? any info you can give would be greatly appriciated
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    Re: Crowds on Easter Sunday?

    Pretty insane. Not much else to elaborate on.


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    Re: Crowds on Easter Sunday?

    We've been there the past two Easter Sundays (as well as being there again this year), and we go to the Park after we enjoy the Easter Day Buffet at the DL Hotel. There are crowds, but not terrible ones.

    Since we're "regulars", we know how to work the crowds, so we can still enjoy a nice day at the Park.

    Just go with the notion that there will be crowds and make the best of it.

    Happy Easter!

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    Re: Crowds on Easter Sunday?

    curious, how do you "work the crowds"? I went to Dl on easter Sunday once and would never do it again. Wall to wall people. This was quite a few years ago, it probably has changed a bit but I am sure it will be quite crowded.
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