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    Stock question on an item...Anyone know?

    Do they still sell the Haunted Mansion sculptures by Olszewski? I'm going to sell my limited edition but I want to make sure, beforehand, that I can easily get another but knowing it won't be the special edition. They SHOULD sell them in the Gallery and that shop on Main Street. Can anyone help me out? Do they still sell them or have them in stock?
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    Re: Stock question on an item...Anyone know?

    They should. I've always seen nearly every sculpture available. Sleeping Beauty Castle was still available in October, and I believe it was the first sculpture (I could be wrong).
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    Re: Stock question on an item...Anyone know?

    Why are you selling it just to buy another one?
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    Re: Stock question on an item...Anyone know?

    Call the Gallery and ask
    Do a search to find the number... I know that someone posted in for me a month or so ago.
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