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    Out of place Disney artifacts?

    This thread was inspired by Circarama's great picture of the fighting Sub Voyage lobsters in his backyard. Does anyone have other pictures of Disneyland artifacts that have been auctioned off or just sent to Yesterland and now reside somewhere else? The crown jewel would be if someone has a picture of the old (huge) Disneyland sign after it was auctioned off.
    I'm literally a born Disney fan! I was born at Providence St. Joseph Med Center right across the street from Disney Studios in Burbank. The same hospital where Walt died.

    By the way my shirt in the pic says "I like big sharks and I cannot lie"

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    Re: Out of place Disney artifacts?

    There was an thread about a duplicate moonliner that existed on top of an industrial building. Someone purchased it after they realized what it was.

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    Re: Out of place Disney artifacts?

    - The old Disneyland Gazebo can be found at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach, California.

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    Re: Out of place Disney artifacts?

    I thought Jon Stamos purchased the sign?
    Foolish Mortal

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    Re: Out of place Disney artifacts?

    I read somewhere that john Stamos did purchase the sign for like 30 40 grand.
    I would love to have that in my backyard.
    "Some imagination Huh?"

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    Re: Out of place Disney artifacts?

    i have a leaf from the tree of life from animal kingdom.

    hahha that sounds really random ....but honestly i do

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