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Thread: Club 33 Music

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    Club 33 Music

    anyone know of a (legal) place where i could get a cd with the instrumental music they play in club 33 (or other places in the park where they only play disney songs w/o the lyrics like on king arthur's carousel)?

    i hear the songs played all the time on online disney theme park radio stations, but i cant find anyplace to buy them. they have to be available somewhere, even ebay or something right? how do the radio stations get them?
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    Re: Club 33 Music

    I have had three... one I got off Napster like 6 years ago and no longer have and the other two are found on the Musical History of Disneyland 6 cd set. The Main Street (yeah the organization of the music on these cds is strange) cd has a beautiful version of "Feed the Birds" from club 33 as well as "Love is a Song".

    I suggest buying this set of Disneyland music to anyone interested in hearing music from the park, past and present. It really is a great collection of music and does include an instrumental of "When You Wish Upon A Star" from the castle as well as "Once Upon A Dream" from the carousel... those ones are found on the Frontierland cd... see, strange.

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    Re: Club 33 Music

    it was available on the disneyland forever music system at the park for a time.. if you search ebay a cd of it periodically shows up. the cd isn't an official release of any kind it's just someone selling a copy of what they purchased from that system.

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    Re: Club 33 Music

    I was going to send you to but it looks like it's been canabalized since last I was there. They also have a podcast, do a search for "1313 South Harbor Radio" in the iTunes store, lots of good music there.

    Also, you can check out Extinct Attractions Club:
    or start at and click on dvd list at top to browse all dvd and cds. I can't say I recommend the Pirates cds but the dvds are great.
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