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    Disneyland Treasures

    Treasures of Disneyland. Having been to both WDW’s Magic Kingdom and having practically grown up at Disneyland. I thought I would list the “treasures” of both parks. I love them both, but when you have not visited both, you don’t know what you have until you have seen the other.
    Here is a list of treasures that I think Disneyland has compared to WDW. Now I cannot speak in comparison to Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disneyland since I have not been there.

    Unique wonderful things about Disneyland

    — This show on the Rivers of America is simply a more magical experience because of the location and size compared to WDW show at DMGM. Once you have seen this show, the DMGM show will look puny in comparison.

    Columbia— This ship fulfills a desire Walt had to have more traffic on the Rivers of America. It adds a majesty to the river because of its masts and sails. It add variety the look of Disneyland and adds more grander to the pirates sequence in Fantasmic.

    Billy Hill and the Hillbillies— This show, although shorter than the Hoop Dee Doo show at WDW, it so much more entertaining and funny. The much smaller Golden Horseshoe Saloon, offers a close personal experience that the whole family will enjoy. Aspiring actors in southern cal become the resource to make a show like this hilarious.

    Remember ... Dreams Come True Fireworks show—I have seen both the Wishes show at MK and Disneyland’s Remember... Dreams Come True Show. DL’s is SO much more amazing. I love the Wishes show, but DL’s show is a not-to-be-missed fireworks show. It will also be a not-to-be-forgotten memory!

    Matterhorn Bobsleds—This was the first thrill ride at Disneyland. It is very special and add a different look to the skyline, which makes Disneyland special. I remember when going to Disneyland as a child, I knew I was there when I could see the Matterhorn.

    Fantasyland— At Disneyland there are so much more for kids to do than MK. Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Casy Jr. Circus Train, and Storybook canal boats are unique to Disneyland. Mr. Toad Wild Ride, which is the one that I remember most as a child and my favorite, is a must do.

    It’s a Small World Clock— The rides are basically the same at both DL and MK, but the placement of the clock at DL make a statement from a distance. It is a destination in Fantasyland. When the outdoor clock goes off, both kids and adults alike can enjoy the show.

    Toontown— Although WDW has Toontown too, it does not have the special effects that DL’s land has. It also has a great kids ride, called Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. I think that although this is basically a kid’s land, it is fun for adults too. Much more than WDW’s.

    Tiki Room— It many cases, the original is better. This show, after its recent refurbishment, is a classic Disney attraction that both kids and adults can enjoy together. It fits exactly what Walt was trying to do at Disneyland. The “Under new management” show at WDW just does not measure up. Don’t forget to get a Dole whip!

    Pirates of the Caribbean— This ride is the original intent that Walt had for the PoC. It has the waterfalls. It has the lagoon that you ride through before reaching the pirates. Much better than WDW’s version.

    New Orleans Square—What a treasure this land is! The feeling you get exploring this small land it magic! You have the feeling that something wonderful is to be discovered around every corner.

    Indiana Jones—This state-of-the-art ride, provides thrills and magic that does not compare to anything at the MK. Have you even wanted to be Indiana Jones and search for treasure? This is the closest most of us will ever get. The queue is also half the fun!

    Rivers of America Canoes—Although I did not see these on my last trip,
    they run only on weekends. I have to say memories of seeing them go down the Rivers of America is a treasure to me.

    Blue Bayou—This restaurant is one of the only places at Disneyland that you can get a wonderful meal in a truly magical setting. This is classic Disney. You feel as if it is night in a restaurant by the river. Wonderful!

    Monorail—This was the first daily operational monorail in the world. Although the WDW is more impressive and perhaps more functional, this one at DL was the first. It also is an attraction that takes you on a tour of Tomorrowland itself. Riding past the Matterhorn is a thrill in itself.

    Unique, wonderful things about the Magic Kingdom at WDW

    MK has many wonderful things too. Here is my list:

    Seven Seas Lagoon— Now this might be taken for granted at WDW, but this man-made lake that you cross to get to the MK is magic in itself. It frames the MK so well, inducing the feeling that you have traveled across the seas to get to this magical place.

    Electrical Water Pageant— I know that this older electrical show is passe to veteran WDW guests, but to the first timer, it is wonderful to see the color and hear the music coming from the lake. Both kids and adults can enjoy this wonderful display.

    The Castle— This majestic giant, is heads above the castle at Disneyland. It frames the whole experience of WDW’s Magic Kingdom. It is the first thing you see approaching MK and sets your expectations that this is going to be a really fantastic place.

    Cinderella’s Royal Table— This restaurant, located in the Castle itself, add a special magic for aspiring Princess when meeting Cinderella. If you cannot live in a castle, then at least you can dine there like a Prince or Princess!

    Crystal Palace— This restaurant with the solarium theme allows you to feast on top quality food in a amusement park. WDW’s food is much better than Disneyland’s. This all-you-can-eat buffet, offers salmon and roast beef with many other delectable dishes. Pooh and his friends only make this a even more special place for kids and adults to enjoy.

    Wishes Fireworks show— This is the best fireworks show in WDW. It is not to be missed. The fact that you can see the fireworks from all across the Seven Seas Lagoon makes it even more special.

    Splash Mountain—Although Disneyland as one too, I find that the MK version to be so much better. It seems to get you to forget that major drop at the end much better. Remember, you may get wet!!

    Country Bears Jamboree— Now this ride has been replaced by Pooh at Disneyland. Even though it is now almost 30 years old, it still entertains both kids and adults. Just look for the smiles on the faces of those in the audience at the end.

    Hall of Presidents—Many people are not thrill about history. I love history. This experience is magic for me. Seeing all the Presidents come alive and greet you. Hearing the present President address you. This is a special experience that is not appreciated enough.

    Mickey’s Philarmagic—This new attraction has magic that both kids and adults can enjoy. Of course, Mickey is in charge, but Donald screws things up! I have to say it is a must do for anyone in the MK.

    Winnie the Pooh—Pooh is a marketing bonanza. This ride lets you know why. It is fun and well thought out. This is much better than the DL version. Since it also continually has one of the longest lines, I guess it is also well beloved.

    The Harmony Barbershop on Main Street—It is a small thing, but this opportunity to have your hair cut at WDW is a memory-maker that the whole family will never forget. It is a little thing, but it can make a big memory for a lifetime.

    Peoplemovers (Tomorrowland Transit Authority)— This transit system was removed from Disneyland, but is still preserved at WDW. The movement it gets to the land make the future to be a place of the feeling of progress and movement. Night or day, it is a treasure that is not appreciated.

    Carousel of Progress— This old, original Disneyland attraction, gives you a flavor of the optimism, and humor of Walt Disney. Although this attraction is only open seasonally at MK, it is not to be missed. I only hope that it comes back after refurbishment.

    Timekeeper— If you are even remotely a Robin Williams fan, this is your attraction. It also is a great 360 degree attraction. It, too, is only open seasonally. See it if you can!

    Do you agree? Are their treasures of either park that you would add?
    Jiminy Cricket Fan

    Love Disneyland and Walt Disney World!

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    You named practically everything in the park. Uh..Shrunked Ned Machine in the Bazaar and the upstairs window sounds on Main Street. Dentist, Hotel, etc.
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    I like the lists- I think you've done a good job naming the unique things at each park. Also, for DL, there is something to be said that it is the ORIGINAL!- There is a sense of history that can't be gotten elsewhere.

    BTW, Cousin Orville, I can't decide whether to laugh hysterically at your avatar or be incredibly insulted! If it was anybody else but you, I think I'd be upset, but with your history, i have to say it's funny.

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    Haha, I didn't even notice the avatar until you mentioned it. Hilarious!

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    I thought this thread was about the Disney Treasures DVDs. But I do think Disneyland is way better than Disney World.

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    I've never been to WDW so I can't comment on that park. I would like to add one additional bit of magic to the Disneyland list: The Firetruck. I have a personal passion for antique automobiles so that in itself makes it a little special... but the real bit of magic for me is knowing that this little firetruck was Walt's personal toy. Knowing that on a foggy early morning he would tour Disneyland in it. And today, I can ride along. It's a gossamer thread to another time... another place... and the man that created The Happiest Place On Earth.
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    Re: Disneyland Treasures

    As a displaced Californian now in FLA, I appreciate and miss DL's charm. Love the world, but Disneyland (and I refuse to call it Disneyland Park!) has definitive advantages over WDW. Scale is a big part of that DL charm. Main Street USA's 7/8ths scale creates a more dreamlike quality than MKs. Main Street is far too massive in the MK and I believe this is carried over to the castle. DLs castle is subtle and beautiful instead of the in-your-face version in FLA. And offset by the Matterhorn, the DL vista from the hub is spectacular.

    Each park has its unique atributes as you've all mentioned, but for pure charm and nostalgia, especially for those of us who now share the magic with our kids, you can't beat Storybookland, the Casey Jr. or NO Square. Of course Epcot, MGM and DAK kick DCA's little butt (oops, can I say "butt" here?)

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