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    Re: The Anaheim Garden Walk

    If you have ever been to the Block or the Irvine Spectrum Center you will notice that these venues draw huge crowds. They even have very small rides like a carousel, ferris wheel, trains, bungee jumping, rock climbing walls, etc...

    Garden Walk is not necessary to draw people to the DLR. DLR is a worldwide destination and actually the truth is actually the other way around. DLR is the destination and when people go, they are going to notice Garden Walk and maybe spend a few hours there instead. This is a few hours that could have been spent at Downtown Disney, DL, or DCA.

    Garden Walk may enhance the enitre area around the resort, and for that it is good. And perhaps additional hotels will have to be built. But I don't see it being successful without taking some business away that the DLR would have had. The good thing about this though is that hopefully it will force Disney to be less complacent with what it does with the resort itself and will force them to add a lot more interesting attractions to all areas of the resort to keep guests on their own property.

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    Re: The Anaheim Garden Walk

    I bet the Garden Walk will take business away from DTD if it has affordable stores. I wonder if Disney will re-tool DTD to compete.

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