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    Another Disneyland artifact for you to help me with...

    Anyone know the history of this artifact? Is there an annual DGA private party at Disneyland? I know this artifact dates to pre-1986 at least.

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    Re: Another Disneyland artifact for you to help me with...

    I'd guess 60's because of the type of Disneyland font being used.

    And of course, you are right about pre-86 as 1986 is when the company name changed from what's on the button (Walt Disney Productions) to The Walt Disney Company.

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    Re: Another Disneyland artifact for you to help me with...

    In the past, Disneyland not only had closed to public private parties, they also had mix-in parties where the guests would come during the regular hours but then could stay until 12 or so. The buttons would identify you as part of this group. They would also let you ride without tickets. Somewhere I have at least a couple from the Hughes Aircraft nights.
    Could this be something like that?

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