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    Wink How busy will the parks be in May

    Hello again all
    I was wondering we are going to the parks May 13 & 14 does anyone know how busy it is going to be? I know the 13th is Sunday mothers day?

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    Re: How busy will the parks be in May

    Call the Guest Information Line at (714) 781-7290. You can tell the Cast Member the date that you are coming. They can give you the hours and tell you what Entertainment offerings you'll have on that day.

    Good rule of thumb: If Disneyland is open until 10, 11 or 12, they are planing on being busy. If Disneyland is 10-8 then they are thinking that it will be a nice and slow day.

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    Re: How busy will the parks be in May

    I'll be at the parks on Mothers day as well. It will be my birthday, So i don't care what the crowds are. Its my birthday!

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    Re: How busy will the parks be in May

    We were there last year on Mother's Day weekend and it was pretty busy. We'll be there again this May 12-13. I'm more concerned about how the weather will be than the crowds. I need to call Sephora and see if they are scheduling their "Mother/Daughter Makeovers" and make reservations at Catal for their brunch on Mother's Day. Everyone loved the food, but the service was terrible. So bad, they took 10% off our bill, they should have taken 20% We'll try it one more time, the food was really good.

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    Re: How busy will the parks be in May

    Mothers day is not so bad for the first part of the day, till about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Then it starts to get busy, most families will take their moms to the park after brunch.

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    Re: How busy will the parks be in May

    Im not sure about mothers day... I will be going on the 18th for three days because it is my bday and I know it will be busy then because of pirates...
    <3 Chloe

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