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    Re: Here Are Some Tips About What To Wear To A Theme Park Hehe!!

    to IDNY:"Hooters is now the new word for " look at my b**** " what was that woman thinking?"

    Trust me, that woman know EXACTLY what she was doing and was enjoying every moment.

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    Re: Here Are Some Tips About What To Wear To A Theme Park Hehe!!

    I am pro-flip flop, as well. But you do need to watch where you're stepping. Friday, I stepped into more questionable puddles than I imagined. I had to make extra bathroom trips just to wash them off.

    That DVD guy is nuts. Disneyland is like sensory overload. If you really are so bored that you need a DVD player, Disneyland may not be the place for you.

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    Re: Here Are Some Tips About What To Wear To A Theme Park Hehe!!

    thankss!!! this helps a lot!

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