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    My own private Disneyland

    Recently, my wife announced that she was going to win the lottery (her plan is to buy two tickets each week, instead of one, thus doubling her chances of winning). "Boogie on, reggae woman", I said and went back to my crossword puzzle. Then I thought, what if she did win the lottery? How would we spend that much money? Private jets? Sports teams? A million gallons of mint chip ice cream?

    That's when the idea hit me. I would recreate my favorites places in Disneyland and actually live in them. But it wouldn't be a creepy boy trap like Neverland Ranch. I would build it just for me (and, well, MrsBoo, of course).

    The main house would look like Sleeping Beauty's Castle on the outside, and Rancho del Zocalo on the inside (minus the food service kitchens). The secondary house would be patterned after the Jungle Cruise boat house, overlooking a small section of the Rivers of the World (I can think of no better place to spend a long summer evening than a second floor veranda, sipping tropical drinks and reclining on a chaise lounge, can you?).

    For night time entertaining, how about a section of the town from the Pirates of the Carribean? I particulary like the bridge area that has the drunken (is there any other kind?) pirate with the cats on the right as you go under and the singing (well, I guess that there is) pirates on the left as you come out from under the bridge. What a wonderful spot for a moonlit stroll.

    For entertaining large parties, I would recreate the old Big Thunder BBQ, complete with feral cats and a stage for a string band (commence hoeing down, but no stage diving, please).

    Other plans would include a garage entrance that is shaped like Monstro the Whale, a Matterhorn Mountain in the backyard and Teacups in the dining room. I would also like a Tom Sawyer's Island, but where would I put it?

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    Dream big! That's what Walt Disney did and that worked out just fine. I hope you get it all. Then invite me over, will ya!?
    "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
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    awesome!! i would probably include BLAB in mine, since i am so addicted to that ride.

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    My plan is to theme my house after Rivendell from LOTR (actually a bit dose of Craftsman and a touch of Victorian thrown in; take a good look next time you watch the movies). However, the opposite end of the property will be surrounded by an 8-foot high berm containing an area strongly based on Rivers of America, complete with an island with a visually secluded site for camping (access by rowboat, of course!).

    Actually, it doesn't take much more than a good imagination and a lot of planning to come up with some Disney-ish theming for your home. Give it a shot. How about anyone who's done something similar, on any level, posting your pictures?

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    Invite your guests into the gallery. Then, remark how the room is stretching...

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    When I become rich, I plan on having my house an exact recreation of the Haunted Mansion's facade. The inside would be different, obviously.. And I plan on getting some of that famous wallpaper recreated for the interior, as well.

    I'll have to work on getting a graveyard put in the backyard as well.

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