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    Disneyland Resort Future Ideas (PAl Mickey, Toontown Expansion, New Fast Pass Ride)

    I was just thinking that disneyland can always use a few new things and thought up some cool great new ideas! (At least thats my opinion about the "cool ideas" part.)

    1.Pal Mickey At Disneyland: Now, I have never used pal mickey at WDW but, wouldn't be great if Pal mIckey was down here in So Cal!It looks very cool and i'm sure that there are more people down in California that want to find out facts about disneyland than in florida. (Me being One Of Them!)

    2.Toontown Expansion (New Houses, Ride?, etc...): I for one think toontown is getting to be a little boring if you know what i mean. I think that they should add a new house down in toontown, or at least a ride. Possibly a House called, Chicken Little's Barn or Something to Premote the Opening Of the New Movie Chicken Little and Chicken Little can hang around in Toontown Part of the day! Just an Idea!

    3. New Fastpass Attraction at Disneyland: Is it me or does anyone else think that Disneyland needs a new Fastpass Attraction? With the removal of the fastpasses from Star Tours and Pirates Of The Carribean, There just is not a lot of fastpass attractions! I think it would be great to see a new fastpass attraction!

    and last but not least...,

    4.Downtown Disney Expansion: I think they need to expand DTD mpre and add in some more activities to do if they even want to try to compete with Universal Citywalk, even with disney magic! As i said earlier, Disney Quest Would Be Great Over here, Never Been, But sounds Cool, also perhaps laser tag since it does not belong in the parks! And I think a Cal;ifornia Pizza Kitchen Would Be Great Somewhere in The Whole Disneyland Resort, Hence "The California Theme"!

    So thats it for my ideas for now? What do you all think? Post Your Responses, reactions, and new ideas! Thanks!
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    that sounds cool but a diffrend toon in toon town would be cool

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    I do not like FASTPASS, so I don't want to see anything else get it. I'm sorry, but it has simply confused people more than it has helped anything.

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    I don't think TDA dreams up rides for the sake of using the fast pass system...

    DisneyQuest at DTD sounds cool, and that would be a cool place to have the Lazer Tag, no California Pizza Kitchen though, we already have a pizza eatery, and I like DTD because the restaurants are unique and not something I could find a few miles away at any mall, shopping plaza, or entertainment district.

    Quote Originally Posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
    I do not like FASTPASS, so I don't want to see anything else get it. I'm sorry, but it has simply confused people more than it has helped anything.
    The Fastpass is so amazingly simple to use. The only problem I can think of is how a regualr visitor might not know which attractions have the most advantage with the FP system. The fact that so many people are incapable of following the simplest directions (i.e. come back at 6:30 - 7:30) says a lot about people's comprehension skills

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