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    Do you think Walt would be proud?

    Do you think Walt would be proud that his Pirates of the Caribbean has been turned into a major motion picture? I'm not talking about the changes to the ride. I'm talking about his idea which has been made into a HUGE movie(s) in which POTC 2 is in the top three of most money made from a film (Return of the King and Titanic are the others).

    I'm more talking about the first movie as far as conent, because the second one wasn't nearly as great. But the first one IMO was most intune with the ride (caverns, burning villages, more night stuff).

    So do you think Walt would be proud? Not as much the money it made, but more the fact that almost everyone has heard about it and it is extremely popular among kids. We all know he'd be ashamed of Country Bears and Haunted Mansion :;
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    Re: Do you think Walt would be proud?

    I think Walt would be proud of anything that he worked on so if he was here and had a say in it he would. He put his heart in to all he did.

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    Re: Do you think Walt would be proud?

    The films expand on the attraction very well. They show great imagination. My only gripe is that the "Yo Ho!" musical theme isn't incorporated into the underscore. But, otherwise, the Walt Disney Pictures releases do do justice to the Disneyland attraction.

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    Re: Do you think Walt would be proud?

    I certainly think Walt would be proud that afterr all these years, the ride is still popular and that the motion pictures are a mega hit. They're great entertaining films that push the envelope of modern visual effects... something that Walt was always striving to accomplish as well.

    It's a quality picture worthy of the disney name.

    And the additions to the ride, even if some disagree, are exactly what Walt was saying so long ago... is that if there's imagination left in the world, Disneyland would never be finished.

    Now.... pirates chasing women with food... I think he'd be P.O'd.

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    Re: Do you think Walt would be proud?

    Yeah. Sure. Why not.


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    Re: Do you think Walt would be proud?

    I find it both amazing and a little disconcerting that forty years after his death, The Walt Disney Company is still making billions of dollars on derivative works.

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