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    My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    Ok so this is my very first TR. Went to the DLR yesterday with my husband and mother in law...

    Buzz Lightyear was our first ride of the's a view getting on.. and a view of my very silly man

    Here's a hidden Mickey...

    Then we got in line for Space Mountain, I snapped this one on the way out...

    Another shot of the future Nemo line...thought the Matternhorn looked nice in the background...

    Another pic of the Matterhorn close-up...

    The flower beds in Fantasyland were looking very happy...

    And then came the ducklings!!!! The duck in the very bottom corner (almost cut off) kept trying to harass the baby's, but the drake wasn't putting up with him and kept chasing him off!

    IASW through the foliage...

    More of the ducklings!! I want one!

    Then we headed on over to IASW...

    Here was my best attempt at an inside shot...

    Stay tuned more to come...

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    Re: My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    aww little duckies! It looks like the start of a good day at disneyland.

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    Re: My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    There is something just wonderful about this shot. It has a cartoony kinda look. Good job!

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    Re: My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    Ducky ducky ducky duckyyy! Aww I hope no rouge kid tries to mess with them. Cute ducks

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    Re: My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    Go DUCKS!
    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpee View Post
    I only care for Disney bling!

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    Re: My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    Continuing on through the day...

    Remind me to make reservations here next time we visit...

    Then we headed over to DCA -- it was unusually busy -- probably can be attributed to the park hopper ticket (I KNOW DCA, CROWDED?? )

    We entered through the GCH and then got in line for Soarin' Over California...

    Looks like it's in need of some refurb...

    Then we went over to Monsters, Inc -- my mom in law just got her AP, and hadn't been on it before...

    Again -- where did all these people come from? Here's the line (I've never seen it this bad!)

    MMM, I needed this out of the vending machine...all the important food groups...

    Say Cheese!!!!

    And then we tried to get in line here....but the wait was 65 minutes!!!

    So then we headed back to Disneyland...

    Our skipper was Tameem, out of Cairo, Egypt...

    Here's a World Famous Shower Hog...


    Noticed this exiting from the Jungle Cruise, why is someone giving Banjo Lessons in Adventure Land...

    ARRGGGHH, then it was time for POTC. This time the fountain wasn't smelly!

    My best indoor pic...

    By this time it was getting cold, so we decided to head home...kick up our feet and had some Cheesecake Factory for Dinner, I would show you guys a pic of the cheesecake, but sadly there's none left...

    THE END!!!

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    Re: My First TR -- Baby Ducks have arrived!!

    I love your photos, as a person who has never been to Disneyland I appreciate all the work that goes into taking them. I never realized how massive and beautiful the Matterhorn is, thanks so much for sharing!

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