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Class of '99. The Aquabats were playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace (was it even called Club Buzz then?). I only remember them because they were terrible. Like really really terrible. Our mascot was Goofy, I think.

Grad Night was kind of a blur because I was dead tired from being up early to finish up some mandetory community service. (It was a school wide thing not just me) What I really remember was by 2 or 3 am kids were sleeping in the gutters and on benches on Main Street.
I was there that year! I remember I tried to catch Aquabats because it was right around the whole Blink 182/Travis subbing for Blink when he wanted, and I think it was right before Travis left Aquabats.

Here's what I remember from grad night: kicking myself for 4 inch chunk peep toe heels (bad idea), buying slippers at the Jungle Cruise store, the fake palm reader, my friend taking a nap in Carnation but me yelling "come on let's go!", and basically anytime I tried to flirt with someone or ride teacups with that super cute boy, someone from my high school got in my way by yelling out what they used to call me or saying "I'll ride teacups with you..." Argh