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    Where there's a will...

    Here's my pitch to Dreamworks...

    I love the idea, only have a part where Walt leaves the whole park to this really creative child that comes to visit him in the Firehouse. Walt sees the kid as the son he never had. When the kid stays over in the firehouse with walt and lilly, he dreams of all the toys in the park coming to life, after telling him, Walt makes a movie called Babe's in Toyland. He sees the kid as a genius. He includes the boy in his will to inherit his job ensuring types like Ron Miller don't mess the company up and keep it childlike. The kid is a grown up now, and only learns this years later when they open Eisner's safety deposit box where the additional page from Walt's will was hidden. The kid is grown now..his name is John Lassiter. Pixar gets Disney for nothing and the rest is history.

    THAT is the film I'd make. :devil:
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    Quote Originally Posted by MinionLumbo
    Michael Eisner as a Main Gate Ticket Seller?
    How about 3rd shift toilet scrubber?

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    Cool idea, if you weren't razed so much for it!!!
    Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate Wench
    If Farenheight 9/11 is a documentary then I am Donald Duck!

    (And no I am not a Republican.) Michael Moore makes propaganda that fits his agenda.

    Now back on topic.

    That is so true, OK back on topic. I thought there already was a movie about Disneyland? I thought I saw the ad for this on my Goofy collection DVD. Anyways a fun look at the obsessed with Disney could make for a fun lil flick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp3piratesavvy
    lol. No BUT what you could do, like if it was released later, after they get a better ceo, they could make him the "protaganist" in the story (bad guy) and have it end in a "happy" ending with new rides, etc.
    Fantastic Idiea!

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