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  • Plaza Inn

    8 28.57%
  • Carnation Cafe

    15 53.57%
  • Both

    5 17.86%
  • None!!!

    0 0%
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    Main Street Dine Off!

    Which dining area do you prefer?
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    Re: Main Street Dine Off!

    plaza inn.
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    Re: Main Street Dine Off!

    Carnation Cafe.

    The eggs benedict are awesome!

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    Re: Main Street Dine Off!

    It depends the time of day. I love Carnation for breakfast and Plaza for Lunch.
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    Re: Main Street Dine Off!

    Love Carnation Cafe's loaded baked potato soup. It is to die for!

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    Re: Main Street Dine Off!

    I've always been partial to Carnation, but Plaza Inn is definitely no slouch. every once in a rare while I'm in the mood for some real fried chicken and that's definitely the place.

    I tend to dine at French Market, Carnation, or River Belle to sit and eat. something like Pizza Port for a quick meal
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    Re: Main Street Dine Off!

    I couldn't decide. Next time I visit will have to do a personal dine off.
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