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    Star Tours Question?

    Hey all
    i know one of u out there will be able to answer this question for me!!!
    My mom and I were wondering who the actress is on the pre- show announcement before you get on star tours!! U know the one with the weird side- bun hair style??? I actually looked it up on and it says it is actress Jenifer Lewis ("What's Love Got To Do With It"), but I'm not sure it is!!! It doesn't look like her at all!!!
    Anyway i could be wrong but if anyone else has an opinion on if it's is her or not, or knows who it is let me know!!
    Thanks guys

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    Re: Star Tours Question?

    Don't know who it is, but the weird style hair is actually a hidden mickey!

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    Re: Star Tours Question?

    Did you try ? They have the answer to everything Star Tours related. The actress is Jenifer Lewis. Here is the star tours character bio:
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