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    Disney Corporate HQ building(s)

    A few years ago I was trying to drive to someone's house in the L.A. area and I got lost and went a little too far on the I-5. I had to turn around and I saw an exit for Buena Vista street so I decided to wait a little bit so I could get off there and make a U-turn. Well, I start driving down Buena Vista street trying to find where the Disney Headquarters are and I couldn't find it, all I found was a hospital in the area so I turned around and quit. I just recently did a Google Maps search (thanks to the MiceChatter that brought that service to my attention) and did a search on the address for Disney and found I literally passed their HQ and didn't even realize it!

    From what I gather from my trip and the satellite images, Disney's HQ is very small for a global multi-billion-dollar corporation. I guess I was expecting a HUGE skyscraper with Disney plastered all over it, but I just don't see how a company as big as Disney can fit in a single city block with some average sized buildings. I know they have ABC studios which is probably huge and Imagineering is located in Glendale, but is the animation and movie studios contained at 500 S Buena Vista Street or is that in another location? Is that location in Burbank truly where Disney runs every single unit and where everything takes place? It just seems way too small to run an empire of theme parks, movies, animation, toys, stores, a TV network, cruise line, and Internet sites.

    I encourage any of you in the L.A. area to drive by it and see just how small and unassuming the headquarters of Disney really is. You compare the Time Warner building in New York to Disney in Burbank and there's no comparison whatsoever.

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    There is also a building in Burbank with "Disney Channel" on it, and it contains a number of cast members.
    What you saw was basically the lot and Eisner's building.

    I don't think the Time Warner building in NYC is filled solely with Time/Warner staff.
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    The large building with "Disney Channel" and mouse ears is right off the the Ventura Fwy and the Hollywood Way exit.

    I don't know what you were looking at as the Disney studios on Buena Vista is a fairly large movie studio complex. Their are two large statues of Dwarfs at one of the entrances that's kind of cool. Since most Disney film and animation work is outsourced these days there's probably not a whole lot of production work going on.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but most of the theme park division offices are probably in Florida. ESPN is HQ'd in Bristol and ABC has studios and offices in LA, NY and Wash. DC. I'm sure the Disney empire has lots of offices, just scattered around a bit.

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    believe me.......Disney is huge.

    They have lots of office space in the LA area...more than the Burbank site. Dossney is one of my accounts and they just about own burbank and own offices around LA that you would never know it was Disney.

    most of the space in Burbank is production (, music, animation)
    they have a small theme park production office down the street in a small building that is unmarked.

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    Ahh, The Disney Studio Lot.

    Please dont get me started on what Eisner has done to the lot... Some Good, Some Buildings that should be pulled down instantly.

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