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    Sad help! Restricted Rehire!

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone knows about the restricted rehire. I had to leave WDW entertainment abrubtly because of a family emergency and so i got put on a restricted rehire. i was not fired, and they told me i can audition again. my six months isnt up until june but does that mean that i cant audition for DLR?? I was going to attend the may 13th audition next week but i want to make sure that im not going there for no reason! someone please give me some advice?

    if i have a restricted rehire at WDW does it affect DLR too?

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    Re: help! Restricted Rehire!

    Call Casting and find out.

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    Re: help! Restricted Rehire!

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post
    Call Casting and find out.
    Yeah, this is a question for human resources. I do know that they are usually willing to work with you, but you would have to talk to them.

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    Re: help! Restricted Rehire!

    when i got terminated by Knotts for medical leave, all i had to do was just reapply and they would accept me asap.

    I dont know why you have to wait 6 months if you and Disney had a truth. I mean technically, you didnt get fired, you just quit without a 2 week notice.
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