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    Re: You've seen the Tiki Room, now come see the Tiki....

    Quote Originally Posted by Coheteboy View Post
    Wow, Ken's cubicle is SO CLEAN! Mine's a cluttered mess. tee hee!

    I'll only take pictures if someone REALLY wants me to.
    I REALLY want you to!

    Just kidding! Clean it up and decorate it like something from Star Wars and then take pictures of it for us!!!

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    Re: You've seen the Tiki Room, now come see the Tiki....

    If you guys think those are good, you should have seen my moms work do their Christmas decorating contests. The departments theme is water resources in engineering. We transformed a whole department of cubicles into these things, each is a different year:

    Finding Nemo Christmas –We transformed a room into an underwater adventure, complete with bubbles, shipwreck, and Christmas tree with water circulating through tubes. We got a digital projector and put the finding nemo movie on the wall. We also had plastic wrap all over the ceiling to simulate being underwater. The blacklighting added to this effect and gave it that eerie look.

    Christmas in New York - This was amazing; we must have spent 5 grand transforming a department to look like it was Christmas in New York. We made replicas of famous buildings and landmarks in New York. The buildings were even lit with colored lighting. We had a whole row of cubicles become Broadway and to do this we enclosed the row with a black cardboard ceiling with thousands of white Christmas lights punctured through to simulate stars. Heck we even had a New Years Eve ball drop whenever the women’s bathroom was opened.

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Movie - We actually made Bumble the abominable snow monster. He was over 8 feet tall and was used for many years including climbing the Empire State Building for our New York year. He is still hanging in my garage today.

    Winter Wonderland - We made a Burl Ives character that was extremely accurate. We made an entire cubical an enclosed gingerbread house. The whole row looked like it had been snowed on.

    Santa's Workshop - This was our first year and it sparked everyone in the company to go all out in the following years. This was the introductory year to the idea and no one went all out like us.

    All those years we had a queue of people that wanted to see our creations, it became a tradition in the company. It would stay up for the company Christmas brunch and all the family members including kids would see our creations.

    Unfortunately some party poopers complained to the management that the event pressured people to participate. It also sparked soar losers to complain that they didn’t win. What the company did eventually was they got rid of 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes and gave out category prizes. It only got worse from there. They banned department decorating and said we can only decorate a tree. That was basically the death of this event.

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