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    Re: Whats so wrong with Pixar?

    Pixar is brilliant , and it seems to me that they kind of "saved" Disney , I once heard someone say that watching Disney make cartoons after Walt died , was like watching a gourmet chef make hot dogs.

    Without Pixar we would all be watching Atlantis 2

    as far as the parks are concerned , i think like most everyone else i would like to see more non movie themed rides.

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    Re: Whats so wrong with Pixar?

    My only problem with the attractions is the location.

    Location location location

    They seem to just place them where they have space not worrying about themeing.

    BTW i wouldn't mind seeing them incorporate the abombitable snowman from monsters inc onto the matterhorn instead of harold. don't get me wrong i love harold but i think it would be cute. i know there have been cracks at this before on here.

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    Re: Whats so wrong with Pixar?

    I've really enjoyed the Disney Treasures DVDs and want to mentiond the Tomorrowland collection in the context of this thread. Some of the shows from it:

    Man in Space
    Man and the Moon
    Mars and Beyond
    Eyes in Outer Space
    Our Friend the Atom

    All of those pieces were incredibly visionary for their times. I can't see say that I see that level of futurism coming from the Walt Disney Company today. Yes, some great things are being imagineered but technology grows cold in absence of constant innovation and vision. Many of you know the quotes better than I... about not only being entertained but learning a little something at the same time.
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    Re: Whats so wrong with Pixar?

    I think everyone is on the same page. No problem with Pixar, only the lack of a good place to put Pixar rides. So what ends up happening is the attractions are placed where they don't belong, mainly TL in the parks.

    I'd love to see a Pixar park or make DCA into Pixar's California Adventure where original attractions have the Pixar stars showcasing California. I don't want them just sticking them where they kindasorta work.

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