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    Disney's California Adventure Day?!?!

    Hey everyone!

    I was just going through some archives of the 2001 openings of California Adventure, Grand Californian and other parts of the resort that opened up the year, when I found something kind of interesting. Not that significant, but just kind of fun and interesting. Here is a speech from Sharon Davis, first lady of California at the time, that was spoken during the dedication of the Grand California.

    It’s great to be here to represent 34 million people in the great state of California. And I can’t think of better place to recognize the beautiful work of Disney in this state than right here at the Grand Californian. It’s really a pleasure to be here because California represents 163,000 miles of land in this great country and today, with the opening of this hotel and later in the week the opening of Disney’s California Adventure, we will truly have a star in Southern California. As Cynthia mentioned, I grew up in San Diego and I made several trips here to Disneyland and for a child Disneyland was a place that was truly magical. Now children that come to Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort from all over the world will get to see how special this golden state is through this beautiful park. When Walt Disney started this project in an orange field 45 years ago he had a dream and so we consider him a native son. So everywhere that Disney expands throughout the world we consider it an extension of our family. So on this outstanding occasion the Governor of the State of California would like to present a proclamation:

    It reads: "Whereas the Disneyland Resort is a magical place that has drawn has people from all over the country to California since it opened 45 years ago and whereas Disneyland Resort is proud to present its newest theme park Disney’s California Adventure which will celebrate the magnificent state of California and whereas Disney’s California Adventure is an extension of the magic that began when Walt Disney and his Imagineers transformed an orange grove into an enchanting place that is now a unique hallmark of California’s heritage and whereas one of the highlights of Disney’s California Adventure is the Golden Dreams attraction, a movie that celebrates the rich diversity that has made California a land of promise and opportunity. This historic expansion has created thousands of jobs that will benefit the local and state tourism industries. Whereas Disney’s California Adventure will open on February 8, 2001, now hereby I, Gray Davis, Governor of the state of California do hereby proclaim February 8, 2001 Disney’s California Adventure Day in the great state of California." Thank you.
    So, did anyone else know there is a Disney's California Adventure Day? I know it's one of those silly things, but still, kind of fun. If we actually celebrated this day, WHAT could we do? haha =P
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    Re: Disney's California Adventure Day?!?!

    It's only dca day on feb 8th, 2001. There are all sorts of day declarations that go on around the country.. in fact san francisco recently got into trouble about that because it was part of routine paperwork and an adult entertainment venue got declared for a day. It's not an annual government day though

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