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    Re: Which was worse - the Politically Correct POTC Updates or the Movie Updates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Professortango View Post
    Key characters eliminated? All that were eliminated was a cat and butt pirate and co. I wouldn't call these characters key. The other changes were just additions or recastings. The voice of Davey Jones in the caves was replaced with the Davey Jones from the film. The pirate captain firing upon the fort was replaced with the pirate captain from the film. The basic characters and synopsis of each scene hasn't changed.
    If you don't see the iconic Blackbeard-like Captain, the ghostly voices warning mates of th' accursed treasure, the signature promise that "Dead Men Tell No Tales", and the destruction of the notion that this treasure is "cursed" (you can see Cap'n Jack enjoying it, and singing of how to divide the spoils at the end) as being "key" elements, then you don't understand the message and intent of the original POTC storyline.
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    Re: Which was worse - the Politically Correct POTC Updates or the Movie Updates?

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisaaron View Post
    What bothers me is that people are using the term "politically correct" as a blanket statement for "things that are wrong with the world today."
    You prefer revisionist history? Or turning a blind eye to reality?

    The ride was making light jest version of pirates pillaging a town. It was never done in a distasteful way, nor was it done in a gruesome way.

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    Re: Which was worse - the Politically Correct POTC Updates or the Movie Updates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Professortango View Post
    The difference is that in the chase scene the women were unwilling, and in the auction the women seem to be wishing to be bought. The redhead smirks with her leg intentionally showing and the larger bride is smiling and showing herself off to the crowd. And as far as the fat joke, the pirates chasing women had that as well with the large woman chasing the pirates.
    Uhm, slight the auction scene, only two of the women seem willing (the Redhead and the heavy one), while the rest are crying or look miserable.

    In the chase scene, in the background, the women were giggling. The only female that truly looked terrified was the girl hiding in the barrel. The whole point of the scene, I feel, was that since most of the couples were going in circles, it meant that the women would never get caught-the truly amusing part about the scene. As a child, I never saw the scene as indicating rape, I just saw it as men and women chasing each wasn't until the changes were announced (and I heard them on the radio while going to school) that I actually thought about it, and I will admit that I immediately laughed at it and called it "stupid".

    Anyhow, I love the movie additions...I greatly disliked the PC ones. (Before I go any further, I would like to state that I am a feminist). Fist of all, as I believe Marc Davis alluded, pirates weren't boy scouts. It's not like the attraction is an accurate portrayal of history (that was the original intent, until after doing research WED found that a pirate's life really wasn't fact they were pretty awful)...but that doesn't mean we can pretend that they were these innocent and fun little guys, because they weren't, and if we ignore or forget history we will just make the same mistakes in the future...we can't pretend that these things didn't exist. And goodness, there's plenty of other horrible things our beloved pirates do in the attraction, such as murder, but that's apparently acceptable?

    With the PC changes, only a piece of the unpolitically correct issues in the ride were changed. The auction scene was and still remains intact...does that mean that female slavery isn't reprehensible? It goes back to the same rape issue that the PC police were complaining about. And then we have the beloved lyrics that we all know..."We village, we plunder, we rifle and loot, drink up me 'earties, yo ho! We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot, drink up me 'earties, yo ho!" That's an allusion to rape too. I wouldn't have liked it if Disney had taken these things out, but it goes to show that even they didn't do it all the way if they truly wanted to be politically correct.

    Then there's the issue of what we got in it's place. The girl hiding in the barrel was replaced with a completely unrealistic, plastic cat that had no realistic movement whatsoever...accompanied by a racist portrayal of Spanish people and just as ugly and cartoony other animals. The men ended up still chasing the women...except now they were carrying the food really all they want? Additionally, this promotes the housewife syndrome to little girls, something I'm sure several of the individuals in the PC police would complain about (hah, and it's not like Disney is going to have men lustfully chase other men either) just can't win lol. They also replaced the shooting pirate in the last scene (sitting on a barrel) with two constipated pirates. I can't say that I'm sorry to see them gone...they annoyed me so much.

    I'm very much a woman's rights activist, but that's why I want to know and see what happened to my gender in the past. It gives me knowledge to protect myself and those I know from falling into a similar fate. Someone close to me was molested as a child by an older man taking the bus to come close to home. No one told her that she could say no to someone older than herself (respect your elders, that type of thing), no one explained to her anything about sex, etc. As a result, it's scarred her for life...because no one bothered to educate her about it. One is never too young to learn those things if it means that they can protect themselves. Pretending these awful things do not exist just spreads ignorance and causes more problems. the end, you just can't please everybody.

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    Re: Which was worse - the Politically Correct POTC Updates or the Movie Updates?

    Quote Originally Posted by pineapplewhipaddict View Post the end, you just can't please everybody.

    No truer words have been spoken (or typed)!!!

    And I certainly don't even try!

    (nice post BTW)

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    Re: Which was worse - the Politically Correct POTC Updates or the Movie Updates?

    That's right, can't please everyone, but you try to please the majority, and that seemed to be their intent for the movie tie-in.

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