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    Early September Visit?

    How is it then? Thinking of a post-Labor Day visit. TIA, Werner

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    Re: Early September Visit?

    A great time to go! I go every year in September so I'll be there then too!

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    Re: Early September Visit?

    My last trip was an early (and mid-to-late, as things turned out) September, during the height of the 50th. Even then it was "walk on" to almost every ride. It was JUST after school holidays from what I understand, and it was kinda nice. Weather was lovely the whole time I was there too. Lots of Australians as well.

    Then again, I'm just a one-off consumer. I probably shouldn't even be commenting on a board full of knowledgable Disneyites...
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    Re: Early September Visit?

    i know this off topic. is thanksgiving weekend good to go, will rides be closed, weather good or not, or just wait until next year's spring break.

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    Re: Early September Visit?

    I'm going in September so it better not be crowded
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