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    The Effect Disneyland Has On People

    I thought I would share this very interesting thing that my family discovered.
    My brother just passed away who served his country in Iraq, and we were doing the whole funeral thing. We were looking for pictures of him smiling and being happy.
    He was not a fanatic of Disneyland he didn't go very much and always gave me grief about my love of DL.
    But interesting enough the pictures we used for his funeral all were taking of him at Disneyland.
    The best one is of him on splash mountain with hands way up in the air with look of utter joy and excitment.
    This is how I will always picture him in my thoughts.
    If people only knew the effect Disneyland has.
    "Some imagination Huh?"

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    Re: The Effect Disneyland Has On People

    Sorry for your loss.

    I'm glad that Disneyland will bring happy thoughts for you and your family in this time of tragedy.
    Foolish Mortal

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    Re: The Effect Disneyland Has On People

    My sympathy. It's good that your appreciation for Disneyland can help you through this. I very much respect your brother. I don't know, if this might help or hurt you, do what you feel, but it would be nice if you could post and share the picture of your brother on Splash Mountain, only if you wish to.

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    Re: The Effect Disneyland Has On People

    It's true though.
    Walt's dream was great and it catches people even if they don't realize it.
    Even the grumpiest people that I've taken have walked away being happy.
    Quote by Al:
    To that end I'd like the Internet community to join me in reminding the Disney company that "it all started with Walt." As you can see below we've created some T-shirts, plus a few simple graphics that you can copy and paste into your websites to let folks know how you feel.
    -Al Lutz

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    Re: The Effect Disneyland Has On People

    I also extend my condolences to you and your family. Your brother helped keep our country free and he is a hero for that. Walt Disney's ideas brought together a wonderful place where we can all throw our cares to the wind and have a great time. I've always found that people can't help smiling while at a Disney park. I hope you continue to keep that happy image of your brother every time you think of him.

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