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    My Primier Report... oh the frustration!!

    okay let me start by saying... that it seemed that if you were in the begining of main street and by the front it wasnt bad... however... the organization of this event was HORRIBLE... my bf and i were trying to walk around while someone held the spot... there was a HUGE lackof communication and so people were going everywhere... and the security people were very rude... i can honestly say... i would not go to another primier in my life... not unless i was RIGHT in the front... and no one ahead of me... then i might... but with the lack of organization it was bad... and i am sure city hall was FULL of complaints...

    on a good note... there was next to no line on anything we went on... and here was soemthing else tht happened.. splash mountain.. not in my 20 ys of exictance have i ever seen anyone get as wet as i did...



    (yes the little girl was with us)


    please note the coloe change of my shirt... i was soaked all the way through... it was nuts... but i should have seen it coming... when we went down the little hill into the show building... i got as wet as i normally do on the big drop... and then when you go into the laughing place... another blast of wet... and then finally... a GIANT wall of water after the final drop... OMG!! it was horrible... i wish i had a way to film the wave that engulfed me... needless to say when i went on it the day after i couldnt helpp but flinch...

    well i guess that is all really... well have a good day!!
    -Miss Wendy Lynn

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    Re: My Primier Report... oh the frustration!!

    wow, you guys got soaked!! i never get that soaked on that ride

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    Re: My Primier Report... oh the frustration!!

    I hope you still had fun. It was great seeing you!
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