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    Can Peace Officers bring guns into DL?

    There is presently a controversy at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego because this year they are not allowing anyone to bring a gun into the fair, not even sworn peace officers.

    Does anyone know what DL's official policy is on this?

    Since there is no search before entering the reality is that most likely lots of guns are brought into the park - both by the good guys and the bad guys.

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    I've seen Anaheim Police in the park on more than one occasion carrying guns. Not sure what the official policy is though.
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    Having recently went to DLR with an officer who carries a weapon off duty ....they ask the officers to willingly surrender their weapons and lock them in a secured lockbox available at Disney security. Having said that....all 3 days that we went she could have easily carried her weapon in the park and none of the bag checks (I hate to use the word security for the bag check stations) been the wiser because of where her off duty holster is.
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    OK, I'm good with offduty officers carrying their guns into the park, but the idea that anyone could do it sort of makes me nervous. I'm sure its been going on since time (or Disneyland) began; I'd just never thought about it before.

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    I'll step in and answer this one...

    Yes, I have. Some of the times, DL Security knew about it, and other times they didn't. I have been asked to lock it up and I have, either in DL Security or in a locker inside the Park.

    I never felt compelled to carry it in the Park for any reason other than not wanting to leave it in my vehicle or hotel room (for obvious reasons). When we stay at the DL Hotel, we usually have a room with a safe in it. If so, I will leave it there. Otherwise, it goes with me.

    When we stayed for the week in early October 2001 (just after 9-11) (previously planned trip), I carried it in the Park. Tensions were still very high and the unknown had me concerned.

    I have held back from getting involved with threads concerning DL security and weapons, but since you asked, they have only noticed my weapon a fraction of the time at the "security" stations. I always have my ID present and ready to show them, but most of the time they don't even notice it among my other items. When they do, I ID myself and let them know that I will lock it up in a locker once inside the Park.

    Believe me, the VERY LAST thing that I would want to do is pull my weapon out while inside the Park. Sorry, but it is there only for the sake of my family's security. Life or death situations involving my family only. If someone else is being attacked, I will certainly act accordingly and call for assistance and be the best witness that DL security or Anaheim PD could ask for, I might even step in and try to break it up, but I will not pull my weapon out for anyone else. Just a personal decision made by me and my wife some years ago. Now while on duty, that is another story...

    As far as other venues go, our County Fair, and other places that we have visited, have an Officer from their jurisdiction come over to the entry gate and verify your ID. You then sign a release and statement indicating that you will not be drinking any alcohol during your stay, and that you promise to report any illegal activity that you might witness. Fair enough...

    Hope this helps.

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