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    Disney trip in December or early January

    i am thinking about taking a trip to DL either before Christmas or after Christmas during the NewYear's Weekend. Is there any rides closing during this time. Is this a good time. will the holiday decoration still be up.

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    Re: Disney trip in December or early January

    The holiday overlays will be up until the first week of January. I think it was Jan. 8th this year that Small World went down to have the Christmas overlay removed. I think Haunted went down later, but I don't remember the exact date they removed the Nightmare before Christmas from it. Same with the holiday decorations. They started taking things down in ernest on Jan. 8th.

    If you go the first couple of weeks in December, the weekends will be busy but mid week is usually very nice crowd wise. The week after Christmas and into the first week of Jan. it usually slows down a bit during the week also, but Friday and Saturday continue to be pretty busy.

    I think the Matterhorn is suspose to do down again this fall for some more work, but not sure if that will carry over into the holiday season, or if they will have it done before then. I think this fall was suspose to be when they changed out the bobsleds. Someone else will probably have more info on exact possible closures around that time.

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