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    Re: Main Street Cinema

    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    I miss the classic Main Street Cinema from back in Walt's day. Back when it used real slow rate projectors and showed actual period silent movies like "The Great Train Robbery". I love Mickey, but he really wasn't around at the turn of the century. Plus, the previous setup answered the age old question as to why movies are called flicks.
    I remember that too, back in the 70s and probably 80s. When did they switch over to showing early Mickey cartoons?

    I agree, I'd rather the theming were a bit more accurate. A turn of the century small town wouldn't have been showing Mickey cartoons, but they might be showing some of the early silents.

    Didn't they used to have Charlie Chaplin shorts in there as well?


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    Re: Main Street Cinema

    MSC is great, I try to go in everytime I visit.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge..."
    -Albert Einstein

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    Re: Main Street Cinema

    wow main streets real colors!!there 1000000 times better than the pastels!
    im really amazed

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