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    So I Guess Mr. Lincoln is taking the Summer Season off as well

    I for one am tired of the Disneyland Board telling the CM's to address the question of "When is Mr. Lincoln Coming Back?" with an answer that never ceases to happen. They have been told to say after the 50the Celebration is over, in the spring, and most recently, in the summer. Well, it is summer now, and guess what, still no Lincoln. I think they should just tell the guest that they are not sure when he will come back instead of an answer that isnt going to come true. I don't know, I just find that in bad taste, they need to stop. What do you guys think?
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    Re: So I Guess Mr. Lincoln is taking the Summer Season off as well

    There is an article over on Mouse Planet today that say's it won't return until 2008.

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