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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    I think that if they get rid of it, they should also lose Autopia...
    There is nothing futuristic about gasoline-powered cars
    THen they should divide the space that they now have and make an attraction or two to go there.
    The Motor Boat Cruise area also could be used
    But it should be something big, like HM or Pirates with no movie connections

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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    yes they CAN...Mickey can do anything...will
    There is no better park than TDS

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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    Ah yes, revitalizing Tomorrowland -- one of my favorite topics. Years ago Tomorrowland vied neck and neck with New Orleans Square in online "favorite land" polls, but over the past decade it is usually at or near dead last in popularity.

    While the refurbished Space Mountain and the new Finding Nemo Subs have helped, much more can and should be done, and the best place to start is with the biggest waste of time and space in the entire land: Innovations.

    As others have already mentioned, a return to a show like The Carousel of Progress would best take advantage of the existing building's main feature: a rotating outer ring around a center stage.

    There are many, many possible story arcs for a new Carousel of Progress, each with great potential for a positive outlook toward tomorrow, longevity with park visitors, and appeal to corporate sponsors. My favorite concepts involve space, and one of my pet "story lines" is a series of vignettes showing humanities reach into space at some given point in the future.

    The introduction could show how life on earth benefits from an aggressive space program, ranging from mundane things like communications and weather satellites to more exotic things like energy production.

    The first act could describe how manufacturing of certain components in earth's orbit is actually less expensive than on Earth (long chains of carbon nanotubes, for example), and revel in the fantastic images and information obtained from orbiting research stations dedicated to astronomy and physics (and even biology)

    The second act would feature a research and production base on the moon. With its lack of water (in any form) and atmosphere, our presence on the moon would be limited to a spartan base that must be supported by Earth. But in exchange for this support, the Moon produces the world's entire supply of Helium-3, used in producing most of mankind's energy via nuclear fusion.

    The third act would feature an actual colony on Mars, and our visit would coincide with a very important event: the colony becomes self sufficient on this day! Mars now produces its own energy, food and raw materials to survive on its own! While many manufactured goods still come from Earth, Mars is more than able to compensate with raw materials exports, and by becoming the new center for human exploration of space (the latter do in part from the cheap production of rocket fuel from Mar's atmosphere, in part from Mar's smaller gravity well, and in part from the new space elevator, which was as practical to build on Mars as it would have been impractical to build on Earth).

    The fourth act would feature an exploration survey on Titan. The Sun is quite small and dim from this, the most remote outpost of humanity, but the team members are excited about establishing a large scale research and manufacturing base here -- and even a self supporting colony in the distant future. With its location far out in the solar system, and the nearly endless supply of free methane, the survey team leader has proclaimed Titan to be the "New Mars."

    After the fourth act, guests will take the speed-ramp up to the displays of current space technology, all brought to them by space industry corporations like Rockwell, Lockheed, Thiokal, Grumman, Boeing, and the like (and of course the lucky corporate sponsor would have the largest display/exhibit).

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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    I've never talked to anyone who actually liked innoventions other than a quick if-your-bored attraction.
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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    I heard they are going to put in a loop, and a rockin' soundtrack. That'll definitely solve all of it's problems...

    Innoventions is like Mr. Lincoln. Enjoyed by a few, probably could be replaced with something bigger, better, and newer, but should be preserved. The building has been around too long and it would be almost sacrilege to tear it down, and if they keep innoventions in there I don't think it's all bad. A show might be better served there, ala America Sings! but I doubt we'll see any change there for at least 5 years. Too many other things to spend money on, like the open-air mall across the esplanade that some people like to call California Adventure.

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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    Buzz, Nemo, Space, and Autopia are good, but I agree, Innoventions should be replaced by a new ride or at least updated.

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    Re: Can they ever knock down Innoventions are start again?

    These are some ideas I posted on Kevin Yee's thread for Futurama:

    For anyone interested in a real spaceport being built, look here:

    And here:

    Want to know what it's like to blast into space?

    Most of these have no audio, the video Black Sky from Discovery Channel is the documentary on Burt Rutan building the first privately funded manned space flight.

    These are the people creating the future of space travel. Why isn't Disney talking with these people?

    Here's the latest in Wired Magazine on the space rece:

    You'd think Disney would be all over this...but instead we have Innoventions and Buzz Lightyear at DL.

    Chrysler has design awards for innovation in any kind of design. Something like this could be a part of innoventions.

    Disney could be a co-sponsor of something like this, to be a part of innoventions.

    Here's another one. Or Disney could make it's own, and make it based on college entries not corporate.

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