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    A big thank-you to all CMs who hang out here!

    Another DL visit with my daughter (yeah, we have APs...I know) -- even though the park was strangely crowded for a school-year Friday, the day was absolutely magical. Especially thanks to the CMs...without exception (well, a couple...but I won't even bother mentioning them*) everyone was cheerful, helpful, sweet and fun today.

    Sure, the pirate wenches helping Captain Jack couldn't stay in character to save their lives, but they were nice, and appeared to genuinely enjoy interacting with all the kids and strange APers (who was that guy with a girdle outside of his shirt???) The princesses were, as usual, charming and sweet with a shy little girl who idolizes them but can freeze up when face-to-face. And the Belle in the parade absolutely made her day when she made eye contact with my daughter and blew her a kiss (The joy in my daughter's voice when she yelled, "Dad, Belle sent a kiss to me!" was absolutely spectacular!)

    There were so many others. The Carousel CM, the TM Ranch hand who introduced the burro, the front gate CM who welcomed her by name...I just wanted any and all CMs who worked today to know that I truly appreciate the great attitude and kind gestures you give us to make this such a special place. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    *p.s. Ok, I will mention them. The old men working the tram in the morning were the most surly, crotchety, unpleasant employees I've met outside of a Six Flags park. Yes, that bad!

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    Re: A big thank-you to all CMs who hang out here!

    thats a nice story CM can really make a trip, good to hear.

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    Re: A big thank-you to all CMs who hang out here!

    Yes, thank you!

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    Re: A big thank-you to all CMs who hang out here!

    I agree! Many a cm has made our day at the park. So yes, a BIG thanks to all cms that add to the magic!
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